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With over half of all US merch stores using Etsy, it is easy to see why so many of them have struggled. But what caused those sales to plummet in the first place? Etsy has made it more difficult to differentiate your store from the rest thanks to a new system that forces all sellers to use the Etsy payment system. Now, one Etsy seller is taking drastic action to fight back.

Among US Wall Clock

Etsy has the advantage of a stable community and membership. As of 2018, the site has 60 million products listed, and that number is still rising. Though Etsy doesn't generate a ton of traffic, its name has become well known amongst consumers. It is also ranked well in Google search results. For the record, eBay isn't far behind in terms of sales volume, but its merch marketplace is far more reliable than eBay and Amazon.


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